Friday, August 21, 2009

when i say i've changed

I am my papa’s girl who loves always being with the family. Now I am very far away from my family…pursuing my btech. I’ve always thought the world is always a castle….a palace for me. it was months after being in the hostel that I changed my mindset….there are lots of people around me and to intermingle well with them you have to compromise a lot…..never have a lot of expectations from them and that way you will always be happy. I was my papa’s princess at home and it was a bit hard for me living up to the new environment…where the people live for themselves …..But then I gradually changed. I cannot complain about it. May be this is one of the curses the evil witch has bestowed on me……to evolve…to change …to take part in the survival of the fittest.
Don’t mistake me for a spoilt child when I say “I am my papa’s princess”…I was brought up among the fairy tales…I was taught about the qualities of a true princess…and that was how I became a princess……and when I say I’ve changed I don’t mean that I am not a princess now….I am still a princess…there in my heart!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

THE tougher SIDE

here,i chose blue color for a change...till now i was leading a carefree life....i ve always thought of fun,talked of fun...
now i am looking forward for a change....may be i should be more serious now...dats why i chose blue for celebrating a change. i just want to show everyone that a pink pincess like me can be really tough at this the reason for the change??? or may be i ate an apple the bad witch gave me once......
watever the case i am going to show the world....and i ll conquer the whole world.....i ll make the world an easy place for all......learn magic and transform all the evils into beautiful flowers....i ll brew potions to remove all the deadly things which still walk on this earth of ours...may be by that time i ll come back to my carefree life again which is so bubbly and jolly.....