Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Had A D-Day

There weren’t any flowers I liked… I had been flying around that place for the past one hour.
The only thing which caught my attention was the open window on the third floor of the white building.
I went in there…
“Human!” I said to myself.
I couldn’t imagine that it was a “girl’s” room.
My house is much cleaner than theirs.
I sat on a big red rock…..I guess it was a box… I was looking at those girls…..they ran up and down very confused.
Of course they didn’t notice me. Silly girls!
Both the girls were spectacled. One was taller than the other. The taller girl opened her standing box. They were something shiny inside. Curiosity overtook my mind and I went inside there.
It was dark inside. She had closed her box. I zoomed inside her box (what else could I have done)
“These girls! Their eyesight must be really poor. Why didn’t they notice me?” I murmured to myself. I tried banging that hard thing which was the transition between light and dark. I used all my strength but I couldn’t open it.
Time passed and passed, I zoomed and zoomed.
It was hours later that the taller girl opened the box….the standing box!
My head had gone all heavy and dreamy. May be it’s because I stayed in the dark for too long. May be I missed my home. But then I still ed stayed inside her box.
I was so surprised she didn’t notice me that time too. The other girl came and took out a black carry thing.
“Oh! Pity them! They must be really blind” I thought.
Sometime later, those two girls were staring at some bright screen. The taller girl was pressing her ears and the other girl was hiding herself behind a pillow.
It was a funny scene.
I wanted to go nearer. My new roommates were funny..And I wanted to know more about them.
I flew there. They were so absorbed in that bright thing….bright moving pictures.
I was enjoying with them. (They still haven’t noticed me)
They shouted in chorus.
My goodness! They scared the hell out of me that I sat on the taller girl’s leg.
The game started then. 
This time they had noticed me. The taller girl cried in pain and the other girl stood up maliciously…everyone would do the same when they see a stranger in their room. I would do the same.
I was more than scared. I was so numb. I didn’t know what to do.
Before I could do anything else.....
The other girl had dropped something big on me.
It was hard breathing inside that hard thing.
it was hours later that the other girl opened up. She stared at me for a moment.
I couldn’t move my body! She kept staring at me.  The taller girl rushed to the scene. She was also staring at me. I think they thought I was death.
The other girl took a paper…..she applied some creamy thing on that paper…..and she wrapped me up inside the paper. It was so heavenly inside,the flowery scent surrounding me.
After that I think she kept me outside the window.
The wind carried me away….
Now I am back to normal, very fit.
The tall girl should be okay…I hope she is fine now!
That day was really something. I’ll carry that adventure in my heart to grave.

P.S. I am the little orange bee who lives around the corner of the white building!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


“I hate to wake up.”
They cursed me tonight again.
 “I must be a really bad husband….i must be a really bad father” I thought. All I did was yelled at them and caused ruckus at home. i admit my mistake.
I ve tried many a times to be a better man. But I keep on crawling towards this heavenly “liquid”.
I remember the many times I had came home all drunk and ended up beating my wife and son. I went all wild and lost all my control. Once, I didn’t sleep that night. I was so sorry. Yet , I didn’t have the courage. Later,when they were asleep I sat beside them, my hands running through my wife’s lovely hurt hands. Her hands no longer have its softness. My  son…..he must have cried when he slept. His face was still wet.
“how could I have done that?”
“I should give up….i will change myself”
Yeah! That’s right, that was not the  first time or the last time I thought  that I would change myself.
I am a coward. I am not a man.
I did try hard. Honestly!
But “trying” wouldn’t satisfy them. How can they expect me to be changed overnight? They believe in miracles.
I refrained from the company I was keeping. I would go back home,with the day’s earning and help my wife. I would watch my son play.
They wanted more.  They were still not happy with what I  did. May be they have become used to all hateful emotions towards me. But I kept quiet and accepted everything.
Today  morning, my wife left my clothes again.  And as usual I washed them myself. I didn’t like to complain. I  am getting all the “bads” for all the “bads” I have done….and so I won’t complain.
I still had the malefactor in me. And I stole the money my wife saved.
My heart and soul were contented…..i drank and drank.
This time……I didn’t do anything. I went to my bed quietly. I know I have the”bad” in me. the most timid man lies in here…in me. i know I will never  be able to change myself. I know I will end up killing my family someday in future.
I wish I would never wake up tomorrow. It’s  2 O’clock in the morning….i still lay wide awake. Am I afraid to sleep just because my heart longs to never beat when I wake up tomorrow?
I am selfish till this last moment.