Wednesday, December 23, 2009

this is me!!!!!!!!!!

I have not experienced the whole set of beauty and thrills of the collage of life. However, I am studying this collage and I reckon I am starting to understand it bit by bit. I am a lot fascinated by it.
I had read a lot of books on fictions, memories and fantasies. Sometimes, I get carried away by such books. Once I read a fantasy fiction, there was magic, charms in that book, I was so carried away that I hardly heard mom calling out for me. I won’t be wrong to say that I was actually bewitched by the author. What I wonder is the author’s audacity to fuse the actual air and the fiction air. It’s a fiction but then there are lots of similarities between these two. By air, I mean the prevailing principalities. I am quite positive that the principalities I failed to understand in my own world I learned and understood them by reading books. I’ve been speaking and babbling about books, so of course I love books. And like everybody else, I least like school books.
Keeping books apart, I was saying about the collage of life. I introduced myself a bit while writing about these books. Yes, I am a bit stubborn while reading a book. My personality changes every time I read a book. Sometimes I wonder if I am suffering from MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder….. It will always be a dilemma to me…..this is how I am and I will always be this way!!!