Monday, October 25, 2010

an extract from my new story " her life's music"

We went to take a walk together.

Once, dad and she went to take a morning walk. I decided to stay back. Five minutes after they had gone, I regretted that I should have gone. I didn’t know which route they had taken yet I decided to follow them. I called out for them. It was my good luck that they found me. I was seven then.

I was taking the same path I took seven years back, the path where I found both of them. I wish she could remember that like I did.

I really wished she could.

“Sis” I called.

She only nodded to let me know that she was hearing.

“We had a memory here…in this place.”

She walked on…I followed her.

“Wait! I’ve something for you.”

She stopped walking. I placed my hand on her heart and closed my eyes.

“There you go……I’ve transferred that moment to you. Even if you can’t remember, your heart will cherish it.”


I knew that was coming. My hand sensed the wet drops which just fell on it. I didn’t want to open my eyes.

“It’s okay sis. You will get over it…..I ‘ll store all those moments you had….we had……in your heart.”

She turned and walked on. Since the day she came back home, she had never said a word.

My phone rang, it was a call from home. mom must be waiting for us.….”all my bags are packed….” the ring tone went on. It is her favorite song by John Denver. She loves music. She loves every genre of music.

I was sure what I should be doing. I decided to spend that summer vacation recollecting all her life’s symphonies. I thought that was the best thing I could do for her.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

an extract from the novel i am working on

I didn’t realize how I fell asleep. I felt like it was hours later that I woke up. I didn’t know whether it was a dream or not. I was still lying on the bed.

By then I was very sure that grandpa is one of those who practices black art or the so called “black magic”. There was no misconception about it. I was acutely sure.

In this scientific world I didn’t know what to believe. But it was true that I believed in the good and the bad. I always had a belief that if there is God there has to be the evil spirit. There should be a balance in everything.

Being brought up among the fairy tales and magic books I was always taught that “the good overtakes evil.” I didn’t know how long Grandpa has been doing that but I wanted to stop him before it was too late.

“Or was it too late?” I asked myself. It gave me goose bumps.

However there was a part inside me who felt excited and elated about the fact that Grandpa does black magic.

“Every person has a dark side and this is the dark side of me” I said to myself.