Thursday, June 24, 2010

an extract from the novel i am working on

I didn’t realize how I fell asleep. I felt like it was hours later that I woke up. I didn’t know whether it was a dream or not. I was still lying on the bed.

By then I was very sure that grandpa is one of those who practices black art or the so called “black magic”. There was no misconception about it. I was acutely sure.

In this scientific world I didn’t know what to believe. But it was true that I believed in the good and the bad. I always had a belief that if there is God there has to be the evil spirit. There should be a balance in everything.

Being brought up among the fairy tales and magic books I was always taught that “the good overtakes evil.” I didn’t know how long Grandpa has been doing that but I wanted to stop him before it was too late.

“Or was it too late?” I asked myself. It gave me goose bumps.

However there was a part inside me who felt excited and elated about the fact that Grandpa does black magic.

“Every person has a dark side and this is the dark side of me” I said to myself.


An@cHr0noX said...

Cool buddy...I did love to read whole story... so does my lil share bout BLACK MAGIC was helpful or wasnt...

Anupriya said... did thnx...i had to do a lot of research for this....its almost complete...ill inform u weni m done wit it

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