Wednesday, February 16, 2011


the sun has gone,the silence overtakes
through this darkening path
i am moving ahead
my mind is haunted by your laughters
oh yeas...haunted by your voices
your voices
she left this wilderness enchanted
my spirit's fire burn low without you
without you,the music in me is lost
my words,fades like smoke
i am so lost without you
i ll learn to get up on these bruised knees
brushing away the wetness in my eyes
but...keep on haunting me with your laughters
keep on haunting with your voices
for these are the sweetest symphonies
for you music


lastain said...

It's really nice..... Touched. I can try to feel how it feels.

But.. a little suggestion. If I were you..I won't use... 'haunted'...for you try to depict something...good...about her memories.

Naresh Khoisnam said...

I do agree with what Lastain said :)

Anupriya Konsam said...

thnx for your feedbacks....actually the "haunted" used here is a positive one...

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