Thursday, June 2, 2011

Through the trap door

It was late night and in the girls’ dormitory there were these two best friends, Lona and Jodie. They were still awake. It was their last night before their vacation; by the next morning all the girls of St.Mary girls’ high school would be going back home.
Lona and Jodie were still talking about bogeyman, vampires, ghosts and all sorts of creepy things. They looked at the time. It was nearing midnight. So they cleared out the conversations from their minds and went to sleep.
A little while later, a sound woke up Lona. Jodie had just gone out of the dormitory.
Lona got up and ran after her. But soon, she lost her trial. Instead she found herself in a large empty room with numerous similar doors. She didn’t know which door to open….which door to get through.
“Is this a puzzle??? Is this a trap?” Lona thought to herself.
She held a deep breath and reached out for a door—opened it. She was shocked. It was a real freaky room. She had walked into a pool of blood and the smell of the blood was making her nauseated. She went into convulsions.  She didn’t understand what was going on….she looked around looking for clues. Her eyes met someone at the far end of the room------
IT WAS JODIE!! She was lying unconscious.
Lona called out for Jodie. She rushed to her. It must have been in a flick of second that the room changed and Jodie woke up. At once, many similar doors sprang out of the nowhere walls. A moment later, the light had faded.
“Are you okay?? What happened??” Lona asked Jodie.
“I don’t know…..”
“Come on, get up. We have to move on.”
This time, Lona didn’t think. She just pushed and opened a door.
They found themselves in a highly illuminated room with mirrors attached everywhere on the walls except for the lone door. It was wooden. The mirrors were beautiful. And it gave them goose bumps to see their own death bodies in the mirrors.
“What could be the meaning of this? Is this a prediction?” Lona asked.
“I don’t know. We have to get ourselves out of these whole crazy rooms.” Jodie answered back.
They reached out for the wooden door and opened it. They were standing in a large, circular room. The room looked very old. The walls were covered with green moss.  Everything looked green with moss including the floors and ceilings, identical, handle less four black doors were set at intervals. There were branches of candles, whose flames burned blue. In the shimmering light, the girls noticed the words that were written on the floor.
“One of us will take you to your last ordeal,
One among us will lead you to a room, thee room where you will stay for the rest of your life,
One of the remaining is a killer room—you will find only tears and tears and only blood,
One will lead you back.”
They let out a great sigh and opened a door with their fingers crossed.
“Oh!  No!”
They laughed. They had just entered a room and there was nothing there. Everything was white. A white door with metallic handle was there at the other end of the room. This was surely not the killer room. They were quite positive about it. They walked though.
Something was not right. They have been walking and walking but the white door didn’t seem any nearer.
“Hey! What’s happening?”
“I don’t want to spend here for the rest of my life.”
“Shut up, Lona! We will get out.. We will surely find a way.”
They didn’t stop walking. With every step they took, they could sense something behind them. They turned around. But it was just the two of them in the room.
Just then, out of nowhere, corpses appeared. The two screamed. Jodie, controlling her panic, started counter attacking, started hitting those lifeless bodies. Lona got a grip on herself and helped Jodie in the fight. They kicked and punched. They were outnumbered but still they continued to fight.
When there was no way of defending themselves.
“I am taking them to the other side. You get yourself out.” Jodie shouted.
“No way! We will go out together.”
“I know what exactly I have to do. You came here for me and I need to get you back to your family. This crazy thing wouldn’t leave us alone. You just go… I will follow you a while later.”
 The corpses didn’t realize that there was someone missing from the scene.
As for Lona, she knew Jodie’s plan was working. Because this time, with every big step she took, she was getting nearer. Before she opened, she turned back. Jodie was still fighting.
“Jodie……” she shouted.
The corpses had seen her.
Lona fell down, a corpse was pulling her leg. She kicked.
“Lona….go!! GO!!!” Jodie screamed.
Lona reached out for the door with great effort. Yes! She did it. She opened the door….

…….She woke up with a start. It was already seven in the morning. She felt as if her heart and brain were about to explode. The encounters she just had seemed so real. She could hear the thumping and throbbing of her heart. Sweat was pouring off her.
She turned towards Jodie’s bed but she wasn’t there. Her packed trunk was there. The other girls were getting ready to leave.
“Where has she gone? She wakes me up every day.” She thought.
Her head was spinning. She could feel her heart beat even more. She was so exhausted.
Tediously, she asked the other girls if they had seen Jodie.
 To her surprise, none of them had seen her that morning. Her heart jolted. All the encounters she went through were playing in her mind like a film without sound…..the rooms…Jodie vanishing among the corpses……she was perturbed……
……..”Was it just a nightmare….or……the nightmare scenario…..”


clandestine said...

i read for the first time and i thought what's there in this story,i read again and a cheerful smile appears in me and said to myself "oh it's very good!" :)

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