Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Ghost's tale

The people hardly visit this pool again. ….my pool in fact. She has even locked the door to this pool.
The old lady who lives just across the road has driven all the people away. She has been doing this for the past five years.  I have been living this way…so alone and so separated.
 I am just a normal little girl who wants to play ring around the rosey with living children.  Yes, I died five years ago……..
The old lady who lives across knows I live here since then.  I’ve heard her telling the people that I died in this pool…….and that my soul is not at peace.  I’ve seen her come with the priest trying to make me sleep.  I am still a little girl and I still don’t understand when they said my soul is not in peace. All I want is to play and play like all those children.
Last summer, a gang of some five teens came for a swim here.  There were two boys and three girls. I was happy to see them. But this girl Reggie (I heard the others calling her) didn’t seem happy like the others.  Just then the old lady came again to drive them out.
She told them, “It is dangerous here.”
Reggie snapped back, “see! I told you this place don’t seem right.”  And she stared at me, right into my eyes.  She looked sick.
 I knew it… she was highly sensitive to psychic energy just like the old lady. She must have seen me standing among them.  Of course she must be scared….this long hair and my white gown. Even though all ghosts are scary at some point to people, I would be very scared to see a little ghost girl even if it’s a harmless one.
The whole lot were grinning. I knew they didn’t believe it. Somehow, I felt lighter. The old lady was finally tired of convincing them……and she left saying “this place is haunted.”
The others resumed back to swimming.  And as for Reggie ….she could feel and sense. So she started making things creepier for the others. They were starting to get scared.  I wanted to go out from this place for the first time…..for the first time I knew I was making things weird for the livings.
They finally decided on leaving the place. While doing so a boy tripped and got hurt.  And he screamed,”holy crap!!!  The ghost…it’s the ghost.”
I was wondering if Reggie didn’t sense that I was nowhere out there when it happened.
There are two points to be noted here. One, I appeared in front of Reggie and the others. Reggie knew I wanted her to look at me. There was this connection between us. Two, the others have never really sensed my presence. They just sensed what Reggie felt. They had no psychic connection.
News had spread about me hurting the boy in the whole place. And the livings had put a big lock on the gate.
As they did this I just murmured,” please don’t do this to me….i am turning up seven this June. I want to celebrate my birthday.”

I am a little girl and I am turning up seven this June. Every summer I turn up seven.
If you have not met any spirit, be fortunate about it. A person can very easily misinterpret a spirit’s intentions. But you should know that the door you open very well may be good and helpful to a lost spirit or dangerous. The choice is yours.


clandestine said...

a good message :) and the way you present it is even better :)

An@cHr0noX said...

\m/\m/ SPIRIT OR GHOST... I dont beliv in such things but I do beliv in AURA... and we can feel both in our inner and outer body... Thats the reason sometym when someone U love iz nearby U feel they are near to u...and vice versa.

james said...

Nice work anu. Always a good topic to reflect on human competence or incompetence of moral judgement. Of course when it comes to children showing this flair, different writers have different takes.

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