Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Coffee House

Reck was remembering the day he and his wife were expecting their first kid. It was a fine day when his wife was taken to the hospital. It was a day he had to shed tears of both sadness and happiness. He was sad to have his girl child born with many medical complications. A missing chromosome resulted in his daughter’s state.
But he was happy to see his child alive. He was happy to see his child come out fighting at an early stage.  He had promised to himself that day that he was going to protect his daughter in her fight.
“Reck,I need your help!” Jessie shouted.
Jessie, his wife, was all busy preparing for their daughter’s fifteenth birthday. This small family has been fighting together with the girl from the moment she was born.
Humami was in her wheelchair. At this age she should be shopping with her girlfriends, she should be talking to her mom about her crush at her school.
Though she couldn’t walk, she was happy that she could use her hands. Though she couldn’t help her parents, she was happy she could talk to them. This girl, she could count a number of blessings around her.
“We are going to celebrate your birthday somewhere else.” Reck said.
“Papa, I am so excited.”
The three of them got ready for the big day. As Reck drove the car, Jessie and Humami were singing. It was a perfect picture. But Reck and Jessie carried a heavy heart each day thinking about their girl. They have been teaching Humami about life, they have been giving her moral support. And on this birthday, they have thought of something for Humami’s future.
Reck parked his car outside a little coffee store. There was a board written “coffee house”.
“Happy  birthday!” Reck exclaimed.
The coffee house was the birthday present from Reck and Jessie. They have been preparing for this day.
As they went inside, Humami have already understood what this house was to her. She knew she was growing up. She knew her parents have not given up on her.
“I am a lucky child and I may even live longer than my parents. A day may come when Papa and Mama wouldn’t be with me anymore. This house, my future lies in it.” Humami thought.
“I am going to run a successful store”
“I like your spirit.”
“The world must be thinking that we people who are in wheelchairs can’t do anything. i may not become an engineer or a doctor, I may not rule the world. But I am going to definitely going to show the world a lot of things which can be done.”
Humami was  so matured for her age. And why wouldn’t she be. When the other kids of her age were playing peekaboo, she was fighting so many battles of life.
“Your father and I rightfully named you Humami”
Humami was named after “humam” which means brave in Arabic.
“I want to run my store in my own way. I want the many lots in wheelchairs to learn to believe. This coffee house, I want to run it together with those who are like me.”
Humami believed in herself and her potentials. And the world is not going to stop her from making her other comrades believe too.
Some years later, she is going to turn this coffee house to a house for her and her lot where they can dream and know their potentials.

Inspired from a true story....go ahead...inspire others as well!


pUpP3t said...

Awesome \m/\m/ Remmber the sory of a man whose videos was in YOUTUBE wid no legs....i forget the link though..\m/\m/

Naresh Khoisnam said...

Great one budd. Really inspired I am. I've got something for you on my blog. Visit my latest post to know what it is :)

Gamma Sharma said...

Was nagging about the thing I didn't have before. But, after reading this, am happy to be fit and normal.

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