Friday, February 3, 2012


I am someone who is useless and jobless. And most importantly,I am a drunkard. So everything I am writing right now may be just a piece of junk I do nothing but watch these women. Actually I am not watching them; I am making a research on how women can be so out of the world.  No hard feelings, this doesn’t necessarily apply to all women.
[This is a report made by a jobless person in search of a job.]
There is a class of woman struggling for the survival of the fittest in the WW.
[WW-Women War. I am trying to make this report look nice by making abbreviations.]
Unfortunately or I would rather say fortunately I belong to a family with this class.
I am making a useless note entry of their behavior in this so called “survival”. Every class has a Queen, the follower and the outcast. Its hilarious to tell you that my wife is an outcast. She is the one with a kind heart….or an abnormal heart. This naturally makes her an outcast. Or am I taking her side because she is my wife?! Well, God knows!
Firstly the queen,the one on the throne, the one  with money, the one with power,blah blah! She would be happy as long as her follower combs her hairs. She would be happier to get her feet washed. She would consider her follower “the follower” as long as she listens to her every word and every gossip with a reply “yes you are right as always”. Yes, the queen is always right!
Secondly the follower, she is the action spy.  She is the one who would supply the Queen with the world’s interesting gossips. She would search for every outcast and anything the outcast does is the hot topic. How loyal she can be….you never know because she is the spy…the action spy. When I set up my own detective team someday, I am going to hire her.
Thirdly the outcast, the outcast is always the outcast. She is the VVIP because if there is no outcast there will be no Queen and no follower.
Dang! I’ve been talking nonsense again. Every word a drunkard like me says is something the society tags with “crazy” and “waste-of-time-listening-to-him” attitude. Don’t take a word of this note.  I am bound to tell only the “non-truths” because I am I, a drunkard!
Let me sleep under this welcoming tree. Sleeping under it, I am taking part in their “survival of the fittest”.


KAPPA said...

Too disturbed...? Take it easy and be the fittest girl. Sleeping under the tree is not a bad option to beat the stress :)

clandestine said...

quite an insight!!!
so where is the princess??

Anupriya Konsam said...

lol....nothing as such...i just wanted to write something of this type for so long.....

Anupriya Konsam said...

@clandestine.....yet to be born!!!

Blindmemoirs said...

LOL... this goes LOL... KInda scary insight you ave developed

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